How To Watch Isle of Man TT In New Zealand (Guide For 2020)

Are you looking for guidance on how to watch the Isle of Man TT live and ondemand in New Zealand? Well you're in the right place. Today we'll show you how. 

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The Isle of Man TT races, also known as Tourist Trophy or International Isle of Man Tourist Trophy races are an international motorcycle sport competition celebrated every year at the Isle of Man.

What is Isle of Man TT?

It is considered as one of the most dangerous racing events in the world, with a number of fatal victims over 250 until the moment, averages speeds over the 200 km/h and maximum speeds superiors to the 330 km/h.

The races are held in time-trial format on closed public roads. The highest class race is called Senior TT. Motorcycles of up to 500 cm3 competed there until 1985, when TT Formula 1 rules were adopted.

In that same year, superbikes of 1000-1200 cm3 were introduced to the competence as well. Some of the most famous names in this class are Mike Hailwood, with seven victories, John McGuinness with six titles, and Giacomo Agostini, who won five times.

Isle of Man TT Classes

The other classes are Superbikes TT (1000-1200 cm3), Superstock TT (1000-1200 cm3), Supersport TT (600-750 cm3), Lightweight TT (650 cm3) and Sidecar TT (600 cm3). In 2010, the TT Zero class was created for electric motorcycles.

The first race at the Isle of Man was held on 28 May 1907. It was a ten lap circuit of 25, 5 kilometres. The winner of this first edition in the one cylinder category, and at the same time the overall winner, was Charlie Collier with a Matchless motorcycle.

He completed the race in four hours, eight minutes and eight seconds, achieving an average speed of 61, 5 km/h. The winner of the two cylinder class was Rem Fowler, who competed with a Norton motorcycle which had a Peugeot engine.

He finished the race in four hours, twenty one minutes and fifty two seconds. His average speed was of 58, 3 km/h. The trophy given to the winner of that first edition was donated by the Marquis de Mouzilly, and represents the Ancient Greek deity, Hermes. This trophy is currently awarded to the winner of the Senior class.

Isle of Man TT History

The Isle of Man TT was part of the motorcycle racing Grand Prix from 1949 to 1976. During this period, the races at the isle were a part of the United Kingdom Grand Prix, including the Sidecar TT, 50cc Ultra-Lightweight TT, 125cc Lightweight TT, 250cc Lightweight TT, 350cc Junior TT and 500cc Senior TT.

After the 1972 races, the multiple champion of that time, the Italian racer Giacomo Agostini, announced that he would not compete again at the isle, stating that it was too dangerous for an international competence, and that it was outrageous that pilots were forced to race in that scenario.

At this point, the Isle of Man TT was not suitable for growing professionalism, neither for the commercial aspect of the Grand Prix.

More pilots joined Agostini in his boycott against it, and in 1976 the race was deleted from the competence and replaced by the British Grand Prix.

How To Watch 2020 Isle of Man TT

The 2020 edition of the Isle of Man TT will be held between Saturday 6 June and Friday 12 June. The races will be shown on demand, rather than live.

Coverage is being displayed on ITV4 only. That means for all you motorcycling fans in New Zealand the only way to watch extended coverage is with a VPN. 

How to Use a VPN to Watch Isle of Man TT

Getting started is very straight forward. You simply need to purchase a VPN, download the application to your device and connect to a United Kingdom server.

Please read the steps below for further information. 

Step 1: Get VPN

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Step 4: Watch Live Content

Visit the website mentioned above to watch your live event for free.

In our case, we’ll be using ITV4 Player. You can visit their website and start watching on demand coverage of the Isle of Man TT 2020. 

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TT Race Schedule 2020 

Saturday 6th June
10.00 Roads Close
10.30 Solo Morning Warm Up (1 lap)
12.00 RST Superbike TT Race (6 laps)
15.00 Sidecar TT Race 1 (3 laps)

Monday 8th June
10.00 Roads Close
10.30 Solo Morning Warm Up (1 lap)
11.45 Supersport TT Race 1 (4 laps)
14.45 RL360 Superstock Race (4 laps)

Wednesday 10th June
10.00 Roads Close
10.30 Solo Morning Warm Up (1 lap)
10.50 Sidecar Shake Down (1 lap)
11.45 Bennetts Lightweight TT Race (4 laps)
14.45 Supersport TT Race 2 (4 laps)

Friday 12th June
09.30 Roads Close
10.30 Sidecar TT Race 2 (3 laps)
12.45 Senior TT Race (6 laps).